Letter from D.N., online dream interpreter and fortune-teller who was presented Marlie Mul's solo exhibition ‘Boneless Banquet For One’ as if it had been a recurring dream. The exhibition was held at Croy Nielsen Gallery in Berlin, early April 2013. This interpretation was done via email in May 2013. Translated from German.

Thank you for entrusting me with your dreams; I am honoured that you have asked me to provide you with this service.

Following our conversation, I have mapped out some critical recurring points that return to you night after night. Nights which are certainly teeming with information! I am delighted to discuss it in more depth with you here. From what you have told me I am led to understand you are experiencing a period of highly auspicious personal resolutions. Finding yourself on the brink of ruptures and important moments, your life is filled with signs of promise. I am very excited to continue our conversation, unravelling your dreams based on the following interpretations.

Yours truly,

In many cultures water is seen as a highly significant metaphor and symbol in dreams. Oceans, lakes, or even ponds or puddles can represent the context of your life, the setting and situations within which your life takes place—"your world”. It helps you create an overview. At the same time it represents the unknown or an unlit expanse that world seems to portray for you; a world that holds secrets from you. This sensation can be frustrating and stressful. Seeing a large pool in your dream means that you are trying to come to terms with the whole picture.
A further analysis would say that water is representative of sexuality and desires of the flesh. When we consider the two interpretations together I am led to believe that you are beginning to wonder what role desire and sexuality plays in your life. It has the power to overwhelm you. You want to contain it. But when water is contained it becomes stagnant, subject to evaporation, possibly hinting at the death of desire. This is the risk inherent in the puddles you see in your dream.

Rain is a positive dream symbol. The dreams of storm and rain indicate that you are open to change and are willing to experience the drama that comes with it. In short you are ready to receive the life-giving power of water. Though they may appear threatening, both the rain and even the storm are extremely positive signs. The storm represents an important solution for an especially challenging issue. It represents divine justice after times of sorrow and despair. Rain gives water to dry earth. Without water, there is no life. We depend on rain for many reasons. The rain also cleans out our dirty world; its showers are a true blessing. Allow rain to give you courage and hope and dare to bring the storms forth into your waking life.

For water to fulfil it's potential, it must keep moving until it reaches either sea or earth. As we have seen, water caught in a puddle is thwarted. Unable to make it's way to the far reaches of the sea or to enjoy the beauty and life that it brings, a puddle can only evaporate or stagnate. This is the challenge you return to time and again. While you long for storms, for breakthrough, for life—you continually return to the dormant safety of the puddle. Until you move forward in your waking life, your dreaming life will return to these themes over and over again.

You mention the water in your dreams at times being muddy; this may indicate something positive, for what is mud, if not earth? Puddles therefore contain the elements to create life, only they are displaced and unable to truly flourish. You might recognize the sense of pleasure that comes with walking through puddles. This should not surprise you; with each step you are mingling the dirt and mud with the cleansing purity of water. Each step therefore leads you towards a life in which your aspirations for renewal and growth are drawn together by your basic instincts and most primal needs. Each step takes you forward towards a more fulfilled life.


Asphalt is a crust created by man to make land impervious to water. Yet the greatest of storms can crack the asphalt—exposing that which is hidden from the elements once more. It has taken that which has been rendered neat and expressionless and returned it to the chaos of life. In your dreams asphalt indicates your desire to maintain control. You wish to cover over complications of your emotional life in order to proceed more efficiently with all that is rational. But the storm comes to ruin your plans. Life and emotion will have their way.


Dreaming of art means that you are in touch with an aspect of yourself that is creative, or that does things differently. It might be a reflection of yourself or of someone near to you that has original ideas. From a less positive angle an artist in a dream may point to creative exhaustion. Dreaming that you are creating or making things slowly means that you feel that people in your surroundings should be more patient with you, that you need your time and your space. Through giving time to the power of the imagination and artistic skills you will be able to create a life that is both rooted in the material world and connected to the higher realms of spiritual engagement. It is by becoming an artist of life, an active creator of experience and expression that you will free yourself from the repetitious nature of life.

Allow the storm of your desires to rage through you, experience the cleansing rain of your own needs and wants. The metaphorical "asphalt" you lay down must be cracked through so that life can take hold. The reparative nature of your dreams and the fact that you have sought interpretation indicate that you are ready to act on the wisdom of your unconscious. I wish you courage and strength as you move forward to claim the rich and fulfilling life that is your behold.


This text was written for an untitled publication that came out in October 2013, bringing together various texts relating to puddle works produced throughout 2013. The publication is hand silk screen printed with black glossy ink, sand and silver dust and designed in collaboration with Vela Arbutina. Small edition. Texts by D.N, HARRY BURKE, JOHN BEESON, KARI RITTENBACH, MARLIE MUL, PABLO LARIOS