Poster 70cm x 160cm first made for the exhibition:

by Marlie Mul, Yngve Holen and Ilja Karilampi
at Paloma Presents in Zürich, Switzerland, February 2010

Exhibition press release by Marlie Mul:

"It can be stated that culture is a means of converting the impact of such energies as love, sex or agression. So maybe it is these specific energies that both introduce the incentive to make art, and authorise critique towards a method of artistic production by the level of their presence in the artistic work. However, a direct articulation of these energies as topic remains too awkwardly intimate and thus usually ends up approximating superficiality. The exhibition Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone finds itself on the verge of such banalities. With its emphasis on the Long Distance Relationship as a phenomenon, this exhibition underlines the laborious maintenance of love that takes place regardless of distance in both space and time, supported by as many media, tools and channels as possible. The Long Distance Relationship is carried by devotion and nostalgia, becoming a project that seeks to sustain a continuous narrative while accepting fragmentation."

All images from the show "Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone" at Paloma Presents.
Including the works:
✗ "Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone 2010 Calendar" by Marlie Mul, Ilja Karilampi and Yngve Holen. 29,7cm x 42cm, available from Lulu print on demand.
"Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone Mugs" by Marlie Mul, Ilja Karilampi and Yngve Holen. Edition of 30. 2010.
✗ "White Magic Nemo Web" by Ilja Karilampi, 2009.
✗ "2010 Top-10 Things to Take to Bed" by Yngve Holen, 2009.
✗ untitled work by Marlie Mul
✗ "Long Dream Found Missing Kept Forever True (Hug over a Distance)" poster by Marlie Mul, 2010.

Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone Calendar 2010 has also been made available as free-downloadable PDF-Publication from www.xym.no between 14-02-2010 and 14-07-2010. ISBN 978-82-8203-008-3.



"Long Dream Found Missing Kept Forever True (Hug over a Distance)" poster, presented as a part of "Benedictions", at Limoncello, London, April 2011.
Curated by Jamie Stevens and Patricia Lennox-Boyd, featuring work by Tobias Madison, Marlie Mul, WE (Pil & Galia Kollectiv,
Victor M. Jakeman, Ruth Angel Edwards), and a performance by Paul Buck.