"Boneless Banquet for One" & "So We Came Anyway, In Barrels"

"Great Offers..."
"No Oduur," "No Oduur (Your Smoke Draws Me In)" & "Stop Being So Attractive I Can't Get Anything Done"
Second Hand Smoke (Printed Publication)
"Long Dream Found Missing Kept Forever True (Hug over a Distance)" & "Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone"



SOLO SHOWS: Arbeidsvitaminen, (2015) Vilma Gold, London ✺ T25, Ingolstadt (DE) ✺ Boneless Banquet for One, (2013) Croy Nielsen, Berlin ✺ So We Came Anyway, In Barrels, (2012/2013) Fluxia, Milan ✺ No Oduur (Your Smoke Draws Me In), (2012) Oslo10, Basel ✺ (No Oduur) Stop Being So Attractive I Can't Get Anything Done, (2012) Autocenter, Berlin ✺ No Oduur, (2012) SPACE, London ✺ No Oduur, (2011) STUDIO, Berlin

2-PERSON SHOW: Great Offers..., with Morag Keil, CEO Gallery, Malmö

SOME GROUP SHOWS: The Great Acceleration, (2014) Taipei Biennial, Taipei ✗ Puddle, Pothole, Portal, (2014) Sculpture Center, New York ✗ The Promise of Melancholy and Ecology, (2014) Fondazione Giuliani, Rome ✗ Basic Zone (link to virtual tour here), (2014) Casamadre, Naples ✗ Under the BQE, (2013) M/L Artspace, New York One After One, (2013) Vilma Gold, London Day Before This Time, (2013), Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin Forming the Loss in Darkness, (2013) Praz-Delavallade, Paris Hi From California!, (2013) Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles Humble Habits Domestic Monuments, (2012) Hinter Haus des Meeres / HHDM, Vienna 8003, (2012) Paris A Hanging @ Times, (2012) Times e.V., Berlin Benedictions, (2011) Limoncello, London Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone, (2010) Paloma Presents, Zürich Death of Samantha / Season of Glass, (2008) New Jerseyy, Basel

CURATORIAL: Door Between Either and Or, Kunstverein München, 2013