Boneless Banquet for One & So We Came Anyway, In Barrels
Great Offers...
No Oduur, No Oduur (Your Smoke Draws Me In) & Stop Being So Attractive I Can't Get Anything Done
Second Hand Smoke (Printed Publication)
Long Dream Found Missing Kept Forever True (Hug over a Distance) & Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone


SOLO SHOWS: Upcoming, Oct 2017 at Croy Nielsen, Vienna ✺Arbeidsvitaminen (2015) Vilma Gold, London ✺ T25, Ingolstadt (DE) ✺ Boneless Banquet for One (2013) Croy Nielsen, Berlin ✺ So We Came Anyway, In Barrels (2012/2013) Fluxia, Milan ✺ No Oduur (Your Smoke Draws Me In), (2012) Oslo10, Basel ✺ (No Oduur) Stop Being So Attractive I Can't Get Anything Done (2012) Autocenter, Berlin ✺ No Oduur (2012) SPACE, London ✺ No Oduur, (2011) STUDIO, Berlin

2-PERSON SHOW: Great Offers... with Morag Keil, CEO Gallery Malmö

SOME GROUP SHOWS: Aguascalientes Art Center, MECA, Aguascalientes MX (2016) ✗ Berlin Biennale 9, with Centre for Style, Berlin (2016) ✿ One, No One and One Hundred Thousand, Kunsthalle Wien (2016) ✗ Raw and Delirious, (2015) Kunsthalle Bern ✗ Art In The Age of.. Energy and raw Material, (2015) Witte de With, Rotterdam ✗ To the End of the Line, (2014) Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles ✗ Cold Intimacy, Anna Schwarz Gallery, (2014) Melbourne ✗ Silly Canvas/Centre For Style Utopian Slumps, Melbourne ✗ The Great Acceleration, (2014) Taipei Biennial, Taipei ✗ Puddle, Pothole, Portal (2014) Sculpture Center, New York ✿ Journal, (Interview) ICA, London ✗ Everything Falls Faster Than an Anvil, (2014) Pace Gallery, London ✗ The Promise of Melancholy and Ecology, (2014) Fondazione Giuliani, Rome ✗ Bloomington, Bortolami, New York ✗ Geographies of Contamination, DRAF, London ✗ Basic Zone (link to virtual tour here) (2014) Casamadre, Naples ✗ Under the BQE (2013) M/L Artspace, New York One After One, (2013) Vilma Gold, London Day Before This Time (2013), Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin Forming the Loss in Darkness (2013) Praz-Delavallade, Paris Humble Habits Domestic Monuments (2012) Hinter Haus des Meeres / HHDM, Vienna 8003, (2012) Paris A Hanging @ Times, (2012) Times e.V., Berlin Benedictions(2011) Limoncello, London Kiss-You-Through-The-Phone (2010) Paloma Presents, Zürich Death of Samantha/Season of Glass (2008) New Jerseyy, Basel

Arbeidsvitaminen, 2015 (press text)
Rosa Bonheur by Marlie Mul, 2014
PROJECT X by Marlie Mul, 2013
Petrolia by Harry Burke, 2013
Letter from D.N. by D.N., 2013
Second Hand Smoke by Marlie Mul, 2012 (press text)
Texts on Long Distance Relationships by Marlie Mul, 2010

CURATORIAL: Door Between Either and Or co-curated with Judith Hopf ~ at Kunstverein München, 2013